Jump Start to Recovery: Healing Parkinsons Disease from the Inside Out

Healing Parkinsons

Having devoted my research program to discovering the factors that cause Parkinson’s disease and the therapies that help reverse its symptoms, I have encouraging news to report. There are indeed many natural therapies that have proven successful in suppressing symptoms. If suppression is your goal, you will be delighted to discover many options are available.

Success with healing Parkinsons requires more than a lifetime commitment to suppressing symptoms day in and day out.  Healing Parkinsons from the inside-out is required. Physical causes must be identified. Traumas must be released. Day to day stresses must become manageable. Toxins have to be eliminated. Family entanglements must be cleared.

In the interest of serving the needs of people who want to heal Parkinson’s from the inside-out, I personally offer a Jump Start to Recovery program which is accessed through phone connections or through your computer using Skype. The Jump Start to Recovery program for September has just been announced.  If you are interested in joining a small group of other persons who are committed to the goal of healing from the inside out, please  join us!

Yes, the live program does not kick off until September. All other programs are full. But the good news is this.  Once you register for the program, you will begin your journey down the road to recovery with access to my weekly meditations, the weekly mindfulness challenges, and access to all of the videos of presentations at the Parkinsons Recovery Santa Fe Summit. The actual Jump Start Program actually lasts a full year!


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



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