Stress and Parkinson’s Disease


I know stress is a major player in my Parkinson’s symptoms.  I have chronic pain and suffering from a surgery to my face that developed into what is referred to as a central pain disorder.  Meaning, the central nervous system has become involved.  I think it interesting that where this takes place is in the vicinity of the Substantia Nigra area of the brain where Parkinson’s develops.  I’ve always thought there might be a connection.

I take 2 anti-epileptic (dangerous) drugs in order to function but this still leaves me with unbelievable discomfort that registers on my consciousness at all times. This, I see, as  one of my greatest challenges to any kind of recovery.  The others are :

1) Subtle stress in most everything I do (I just realized this) and

2) Negative thought patterns even though I see myself as a positive person.

I had childhood trauma and trauma as a young woman. I developed an autoimmune disease at age 22 that most often is not manifested in anyone younger than 50.  I attribute this to a sensitive body that could not handle the devastation of estrogen packed birth control pills manufactured in the early 70’s.


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