I Have Parkinsons But Parkinsons Does Not Have Me

I have a heads up on the most fascinating interview you
will hear on my radio program Thursday (June 18th). Leif
Ogard has had Parkinsons for 21 years. What is so special
about that?

Leif feels great – not just good – but great. Most “well”
people can’t say this!. He has incredible energy and owns
his own business which he started after his diagnosis.
By the way, his business is thriving. Leif considers
himself healthy in every respect.

This is a remarkable interview for reasons you will better
understand when you hear the program Thursday. Leif offers
genuinely helpful insights and suggestions. His comments
will be especially helpful for anyone who has been
recently diagnosed.

I interviewed Leif because he has just published his new
book, “I have Parkinsons But Parkinsons Does Not Have me.”
Believe me when I tell you that his life is true to the title
of his book.

If you are in a place in your life where you could use a
motivational boast and a strong dose of hope, join me Thursday
for this live event. If you can’t join us live, you can always
download the recording of the program here:


It is an amazing interview. You can connect to the radio
program through the website from anywhere in the world or
you can call the following phone number to hear the
program: 347-945-5358 (USA).

I am on the air live every Thursday morning at 11:00 am
pacific time.You can always hear the programs from your
computer no matter where you live in the world by visiting
my radio show website page.

Or, you can always hear my internet radio programs by calling
this phone number 347-945-5358. The number is always the
same from week to week.

Listen to Parkinsons Recovery on Blog Talk Radio

I hope you can join us. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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