Medical Specialities for Parkinson’s

There are many alternatives to consider when searching for therapies and treatments that provide relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s. I will preview several by way of opening up ideas for where you can search to find relief.

One of the places that is familiar to most people today is western medicine, a specialty among many other possible specialties that can be considered. Western medicine treats symptoms with prescription drugs and surgery. This approach for treating illness has become a commonly accepted method of treating disease for about 100 years now.

It is losing some of its popularity because of the side effects of the medicines and the consequences of surgeries. It is important to remember,  however, that the mainstream medication specialty is precisely what some people need to jump start their recovery program.

Thank goodness the western medicine specialty is stringently regulated. Prescription medicines make molecular changes to the cellular structure of the body.  Most prescription medicines have significant side effects. This is why Federal Drug Administration (or a similar agency in other countries) legally regulates the prescription and sale of all prescription drugs. Stringent certifications are required for the medical doctors who prescribe the meditations and for the pharmacists who sell them.

The standard treatment approach in western medicine is to perform diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the symptom.  Unfortunately administration of the tests can of course take months and require considerable expense. Unfortunately, the diagnostic tests sometimes cause illnesses in their own right.

After determining a diagnosis, the standard approach is to prescribe medications or surgery. If the medications and/or surgery succeed in alleviating the symptoms, the treatment is declared a success. If  unsuccessful, the treatment is suspended in search of an alternative drugs or surgeries that are hoped will provide relief.  Sometimes medical doctors have to go back to the drawing board to consider other diagnoses. Some people have a long list of diagnoses for a variety of symptom sets.

The western approach to medicine works beautifully for some people and some symptoms. For other people and other symptoms, such treatments can be disappointing. Many people prefer this specialty over other alternatives. Others use both.

There are also a wide variety of other specialties that offer the potential to provide relief which rely on natural methods to heal the body. An  advantage of such specialties is that they have been practiced for many thousands of years with great success. The worst side effect you are likely to  experience when using natural therapies is improved health on some level.

The number of specialties other than western medicine is extensive: homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, meditation, energy healing, physical therapy, tai chi, chi gung, naturopathy, exercise, hypnosis, counseling therapy, nutrition, body work – you name it. This is the short list.  Most of these specialties have been practiced for thousands and thousands of years. The standard approach to illness in the United States was to use homeopathic remedies until the beginning of the 20th century, a time when most of us today were not living.

Many people get a huge advantage when they use a combination of specialties.  Why? When used in combination, the benefits from using the treatments from more than one specialty are usually synergistic.

In the countless interviews I do with individuals who have the symptoms of Parkinson’s I am overwhelmed with what people do that helps – not just a little – but a lot.

May you open the door to consider what all specialties have to offer. That is what I have been doing with my own research strategy and I am unearthing unbelievable discoveries which you can read about in the Parkinsons Recovery newsletters and hear on the Parkinsons Recovery radio program.

Join me with investigating other specialties that have the potential to help you feel a lot better. The people who are getting great relief from their symptoms are willing to experiment with many different specialties. The sky is the limit. The potential for healing is limitless.

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