Resistance to Change

There is usually one black sheep in any family. Black sheep insist on doing things differently. Their family believes their way is weird, unsafe, unsound and just plain stupid.

I am the black sheep of my family. I am always trying out new therapies of one type or another. My current goal is to reverse the color of my graying hair back to black.

New therapies are continuously being introduced. It is likely that some of them will help. I figure, why not give them a try? They are natural, noninvasive and safe to try. What is there to lose? I have only one life to live and it does not last forever.

Reactions I get are blank stares and questions.

Is there any research to indicate this will help?

Why do you want to pursue a therapy that your doctor
does not even know about?

In short, there is usually significant criticism from family members if the black sheep of the family decides to branch out and try out treatments or therapies other than prescription drugs and/or surgeries.

Are you the black sheep of your family? If so, I need to clue you in to the reactions you can expect from your family when you announce you are pursuing therapies that re not familiar to medical doctors or approved by the FDA.

So you are going to try tai chi? Isn’t that a weird
eastern thing?

You want to eat differently? What is this? You don’t like
my cooking?

You really shouldn’t exercise. You may hurt yourself.

Sound familiar?

From my extensive interviews with persons who have the symptoms of Parkinson’s, a family drama often unfolds when the black sheep announces they are branching out of the family mold and trying other things.

Why do family members get so upset with the black sheep of the family in such cases, especially when the treatments they have been trying are not working? My answer to this puzzle is that you are challenging their limiting beliefs about illness and recovery.

Family members may very well have bothersome symptoms of their own.  They hopefully have taken the smart step by seeking the advice from the specialty of western medicine. If  they are not considering other specialties that have the potential to provide relief however, they have given up their power of control over their own destiny. They have resigned themselves to being told what to do.

It is frighting for anyone to acknowledge they have given up the power of choice, especially when it comes to their own health and well being. Learning that someone else in the family
is stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for their own health elicits deep questions about the decisions they have made regarding their own health care.  It is tough for all of us to face the truth of our actions. Denial runs deep in everyone.

Of course people in your family will react strongly if a black sheep of the family branches out of the grip of mainstream medical care and begins to take control over their own health.  This act in itself raises questions about the power of choice everyone else has given up with regard to their own health care. No one likes to confront the reality they have given up all power of choice to someone else.

Incidentally, the color is my hear is turning back to black from gray. I am doing it naturally – no dyes involved. Isn’t that cool? I suppose I could turn it back to black with hair dyes, but then I would be giving myself an overdose of toxins.

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