Recovery Poem


Pd is reversible, Yes,  it’s true!
No longer a need to be sad or blue
What works for me may not work for you
We can recover when we try things new

Neurons firing as new pathways are made
We’ll believe, feel secure, not let our hopes fade
As our brains  and our bodies change in so many ways
Mobility, balance, joy, we will praise

Negative thoughts may creep in and creep out
We can make it if we throw out our doubt
Waking up, decided that this is all real
No more worries about some crazy new deal

So goodbye Stalevo, Requip, C-R
We won’t need you, we know who you are
Healing takes time, energy, and will
We’ve learned the answers don’t live in a pill

Science is searching, their motion is slow
Look- we have things to do, and places to go
Our journey begins now, for you and for me
We simply can’t wait till we’re one-hundred and three!

New spirit, new hope, new habits… Freedom!!, we’ll say!
As the symptoms of Parkinson’s pack their bags – go away!
We will heal and recover the skies will be blue
As we live in each moment, we’ll know that we grew!



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