Recovery is Happening for Me


So thankful for your site !!! It seems  the drugs are surrounding me, wanting me to cave in and take them…..its like a cloud that wont go away  Inspiration that comes from the other side  of the coin is fewer and farther away.

A neuro that I saw yesterday, who disqualified me for a Q-10 clinical trial, just about  persuaded me that I was doing disservice to myself by not beginning drugs soon.  I asked him a stupid question about whether he knew of anyone who had recovered..He said no.  I forgot that he is in the prescription business and that probably seeing my recovery symptoms would made him uncomfortable…

I am 6 yrs with unmedicated symptoms and doing just fine.  I am focused on making new neural pathways for balance right now through specific exercise, visualization and emotional freedom technique.  Every year that I am in med free recovery, I celebrate.  Its hard work. Recovery is happening for me…


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