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I have been asked repeatedly over the last several years for a recommendation on a reliable, high quality, low cost source of CBD oil. The CBD marketplace has been crazy these last two years. Companies come and go. Some falsify what they have to offer. Some rip you off. I have been genuinely perplexed and confused about what source of CBD oil I could recommend with confidence.

Some companies sell CBD oils that are outrageously expensive with a very low concentrations (as little as 25 mg). Because CBD oils are a new and very popular therapy, most companies are selling CBD oils at outrageous prices. Great when CBD helps suppress symptoms. Not great when they are so expensive.

Thanks to a vigilant member of my listening audience – I have at long last identified a company that I feel comfortable recommending: CTFO. Click the arrow below to hear a replay of my interview with John (who I signed up as an associate with) and Brad (a representative of the company) about CTFO.

Just to be clear – most of my radio show interviews involve generic information about therapies and programs that help people address their symptoms. This interview focuses on information about a specific company that offers CBD oils. Click below to discover the CTFO products. The company sells a high quality, high concentration CBD oil at – most importantly – competitive prices.

Important Qualification: CTFO only ships to addresses in the United States, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Sweden. Shipments to Canada will be available soon.

I signed up for free to be an affiliate of the company because it enabled me to purchase the oils at an even better prices. You of course can do the same.

If you have been interested in CBD but have been hesitant to try it out because of the cost – consider ordering a bottle  from CTFO. They give you – get this – 60 days to try out their CBD oils. You can return the used bottle for a full refund. How cool is that? The risk to try the CTFO product out is minimal. Potential advantage is great.

The company suggests you order the highest concentration CBD oil – 1500 mg – so you get the best opportunity possible to see if it will help you. Of course, you should consult
your doctor before making any decision about how to proceed.
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2 thoughts on “Source of High Quality, Affordable CBD Oil

  1. I have been taking CBD successfully for the last year. I use a dose of transdermal cream to control and prevent dystonia in my right foot. The number of incidences went from
    several times a week to monthly, approximately, with CBD. I also take a tincture, or the oil, to sleep. I used to wake every 2 hours, which meant I could never get a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep. I was taking 475 mg of CBD/ 30 doses=16 mg of CBD per night. With some THC because I live in CO where recreational is legal. Anyway, I tried the 1,500 mg 10x CTFO CBD oil and took the recommended 6 drops. Whoa! It kicked my butt. I slept through the entire night, but woke groggy and with a dull headache. Do you think the dose was just too high?

  2. Hi: The CTFO 10x CBD water soluble oil has, according to the research, 10 times (or more) the penetration. So, people can usually take many fewer drops and get the same good results. Everyone’s body reacts differently.

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