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Use This Fantastic Technique to Improve Balance

Have Issues with Balance and Mobility?

Here Is A Simple And Effective Strategy

 Watch this 2 minute YouTube video posted by Steve who has Parkinson’s symptoms for a tip that:
  • Is simple to do
  • Can be done right now
  • Requires no practice
  • Involves no training program
  • Is free.

This is by far the best idea I have heard about in a long time that helps improve balance and enhances mobility. I suspect it is effective because it opens up energetic meridians throughout the body that have led to poor posture and drained your energy.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia, Washington

Six Marvelous Ways to Improve Balance and Eliminate Falls

It delights me no end to report that there are dozens of highly effective ways to improve balance and eliminate falls. These approaches come in various packages – some are structured programs and some are not. In this video, I preview six ways that I suspect you have never even heard about!

Why not consider running with one of the six programs and see where it leads you? You will celebrate the result when you do, especially when you experience how much progress you can make to improve balance and prevent falls.

Information on the Walk with Ease and Confidence Membership Website sponsored by Parkinsons Recovery