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Parkinsons Recovery is a clearinghouse of information about treatments and therapies for persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Ask questions by emailing me directly:

I  will review your question, do the appropriate research, ask other professionals if needed, rely on our experiences in working with persons who have Parkinson’s and provide a written answer to your question which will be posted here for everyone to read. We will also send the answer to your e mail.

The good news is that this service is absolutely free. The bad news is that I am a slow thinker so you may have to give me a little time to figure out the answer to your questions.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

18 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Questions

  1. I am 44 yrs old and have had Parkinson’s since I was 38.
    My Parkinsons is so bad now I shake most of the day and night. Sleep is bad lucky if I get 4 hours a night. Doctors wants me to get DBS and I don’t want to. He says my window of opportunity is coming to a close. What do you recommend?

  2. I did the DBS I’m not tremorimg much but my walking and balance is getting worse. I not on any medication. Is it advisable to to do Bianca’s Qi-Gong,

  3. I Am out of town and do not have my numbers please send me your number
    Ihave been on the radio blogs. I thank you for all your work and wasn’t to send Ana,all contribution ty

  4. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your very informative website. I am currently seeking a clinic or physician who provides Amino Acid Therapy using the Hinz Protocol. My husband has Parkinsons and we have read the Hinz papers. John is already taking Mucuna and the articles referencing Hinz repeatedly refer to clinics all over the US who use his work but we can’t seem to find a list or a search term that identifies them. We live in the state of Nebraska. Any contacts you may have to help direct us would be deeply appreciated.

    Kindest regards, Brenda LeMay

  5. Hello, I am a hypnotherapist in California, who has recently found myself with several people around me, who have been diagnosed with Parkinsons, 2 of which are family members, the others fairly close. Sadly, some will be receptive to this type of treatment, while the others may not. I am just beginning my research into the workings of PD, and would appreciate any ideas, tips, or modalities that you all have found to work well. I would also happily correspond on any other therapeutic subjects, to serve what I consider to be the greater good.
    Thanks in advance.
    Patrick Biswell

  6. Hi Patrick:

    Thanks for your interest in Parkinsons Recovery. There are many options that my research has shown help people reverse their symptoms – iincluding hynotherapy. You are clearly aware of the Parkinsons Recovery blog here on this website. Be sure to check out the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show page where you will find 5 years of recordings from shows I have aired with amazing guests. The focus of all the shows is on identifying ways people have succeeded in reversing symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

    Robert Rodgers PhD”
    Parkinsons Recovery

  7. Hi..I am in Massachusetts….just found your website. I am stage one PD
    I am 62 male………in good health otherwise

    I am on 4 or 5 meds. They all work as long as you take them and I have been on them for 6 years with little side effects.

    Like everyone else I am waiting for the miracle medication that will prevent any
    further loss of movement etc

    What do you think of LDN ?

  8. Hi:

    There are certainly people who find wonderful results using LDN. I have aired several radio shows with Lexie who has experienced amazing results with taking LDN. Not every therapy works for everyone! As I see it, if infections (viral or bacterial) are an issue, LDN can be useful. Its purpose is to strengthen the immune system. The potential side effect of using LDN is that it can send toxins into the liver and other organs as is the case with most prescription medications.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  9. I was diagnosed with PD when I was 38, which was 25 years ago.
    Some facts that I know is that 15 years ago in a SPECT scan became clear that my dopaminereceptors were hardly effected (not enough to explain the symptoms) and another test showed an absence of Lewy bodies.

    I have an older brother and an older sister with PD too. They are 9 and 10 years older than I am and I find it very difficult to see their condition, knowing it might be the same for me in a number of years.
    This is the reason that I have been resisting taking more and more regular PD medication, because I saw what it did to my siblings. I am on 2 symmetrel and 1 sinemet and I take 2 mucuna pruriens capsules a day.

    I want to take it a step further and try to reverse or at least stop the progression of the PD. I stopped smoking, cut on the intake of sugar and carbs and go for a walk of at least 1 kilometer every day, sometimes even 2 or 3 kilometers.
    My goal is to strengthen my immune system.

    I haven’t seen a neurologist in about 10 years, as it was my experience that the only thing they could offer was medication and more medication.

    Last week I ordered the MafActive cream version of GcMAF and I am thinking about having my vitamine D level tested again. 3 Years ago I had a very low vitamine D level of 18 and I have been taking D3 and K2 supplements ever since, but I am not sure my body processes those supplements in the right way.

    I am also considering Protandim or Immunocal to supplement the glutathion level in my body. But I can spend the money I have only one time, so I have to make choices.

    Has anyone else taken this road?

  10. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 64. The symptoms were right arm tremors and constant fatigue. He currently take 150mg of carbadopa- levadopa- entacapone 5 times a day. 100mg Trazadone nightly for sleep, and 100mg modofinil. Daily for fatigue. These medications seem to have him under control. He recently had major back surgery 5 weeks ago, and is now stutter stepping. He never had this before surgery. The stutter stepping only happens at night. Do you think the surgery caused the Parkinson’s to flare up and cause this new ailments. What do you think causes him to stutter step at night? Do you think it can be controlled with an increase of carbadopa-levadopa nightly? Or do you think it might go away as part of his surgery recovery process? Have you ever heard of this happening to other Parkenson patients?

  11. Hi, i’m 60 years old and suffering Parkinson desease about approximately 8 years already, presently I’m taking 2mg of biperiden 2x a day morning and evening, 200mg/50mg of carbidopa/levodopa 2x a day morning and evening . I stop taking other medicines prescribed by my neuro doctor like selegeline, amlodipine,etc.because I felt uneasy and my eyes and mouth appeared that I looked like a dope addict. I am taking buah merah as my food supplement, vit.B Complex and it seemed I feel better. I also want to try tyrosine500mg but I can’t buy it without the doctor’s RX,, also the 5HTP but I can’t find it here. I want to increase the production of my dopamine in natural way without taking synthetic medicine, can you tell me how and what can you say about reducing the intake of some synthetic medicines?

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