Theracycle 200 for sale.

Elisabeth is interested in selling her used Theracycle. See her offer below.

Robert Rodgers PhDs
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

“It’s heavy so hopefully somebody in the San Francisco Bay area  would be interested. There is presently a THERACYCLE 100 on e-bay for $2,700. I would not charged that much. The cycle is in very good condition and we never had any problems with it. If you are interested email me at:”

Thank you again,


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65 thoughts on “Theracycle 200 for sale.

  1. Is the theracycle still available?
    If it is how much?
    I have parkison for 9 years an I’m 57 and I need to exercise my legs.

  2. We have a used Theracycle 200 for sale. Very little use. Dad passed away. We are in Southern California. $2500.00

  3. We are selling a gently used Theracycle 200 recumbent exercise bike that offers a full-body workout targeting your arms, legs, and torso. This is a wonderful option for PD patients with mobility frustrations. The Theracycle 200 Exercise Bike can give you a healthy workout that strengthens, not strains, your muscles and joints. Theracycle 200 has a powerful, yet quiet, Smart Motor that assists you so you can easily complete your exercise regimen. No matter what your physical challenges may be, the Theracycle can help you feel energized and build strength and confidence in the comfort of your own home. We are asking $2500.00 and are willing to help transport if you live in the Southern California area. We ask that you help out with the cost of gas if you need help with transporting. If interested, please email me at

    I have pictures I can email too

  4. Karen in Columbia, SC

    I am interested in your Theracycle 200. Let me know the particulars and selling price. How long have you had the cycle and reason for selling.

  5. I would like to buy a Theracycle . We live in Minnesota, if anyone has one for sale please let me know.

  6. I too am looking for a gently used theracycle, for pickup in the metropolitan NY area. I have had PD for seven years and the freezing of gait is my primary problem.

  7. My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and we would like to purchse a used Theracycle 200. We live in Palo Alto, CA. Please email or call if you have one in good condition.
    Thank you, Nancy my phone number is 650-888-5276 or you can email me at

  8. My darling husband has PD and we are looking for a 200 or even 300 model. Oregon.. 808-756-1548 Will pick up on west coast or pay shipping.

  9. My husband has PD and we are interested in buying a gently used THEROCYCLE. We live in southern Minnesota.

  10. Looking for a gently used Theracycle for my father and mother. My father has Parkinson’s and my mother has Frontal and temporal lobe dimencia. They live with me and my family now. In the TN area or surrounding area. Thank you.

  11. I am looking for a gently used Theracycle 200. I live in Utah. My daughter has early on set PD.

  12. Karen from Columbia, SC

    I am interested to purchase your 200 bike. Can you please email me your contact info.

    Appreciate your time.

  13. Looking for a gently used Theracycle for my husband. .I live on Long Island. Can pick up from surrounding areas…thank you

  14. I am in Charlotte, NC., and am looking for a gently used Theracycle 200. Thank you.

  15. I live in the NYS Finger Lakes area and am looking for a gently used Theracycle 200. I can arrange for shipping. Thank you.

  16. Looking to purchase a gently used theracycle 200 for my husband with PD, live near Richmond va area.

  17. Theracycle 200 – privately owned – just over 1 year old
    First $2,675 buys it. Will take Credit Cards
    Will palletize, bubble wrap and shrink wrap – no charge.
    Free local pickup
    Shipping quote available

  18. Looking to purchase a gently used theracycle for my husband. We are located in the Seattle area and willing to pick up or pay for shipping.

  19. looking for gently used Theracycle 200 or pro. Please advise cost and shipping and handling.

  20. Live in southern Minnesota would like to purchase a Theracycle 200…I have PD and believe this machine would be very beneficial. Please contact me at the email given. Give details of machine plus cost. Thank you for giving me a better quality of life. God bless.

  21. We have a gently used 2 year old theracycle 200. We live in Santa Cruz, but could deliver up to 75 mile radius.

  22. I am looking for a used teracycle 200. I live in Cambria California. I could transport from either southern or northern California if necessary.

  23. I am looking for a gently used Theracycle 100 for my father who lives in the Youngstown, OH area. We are willing to pay shipping for anyone willing to ship. Thanks!

  24. I have a Theracycle 200 I’m looking to sell for a very good price. It was for my mother, but she never used it. That said, it is like new and runs perfectly. In fact, it still has the plastic covers on the handles. We live in Massachusetts.

    If interested, please email:

  25. We have a Theracycle 200 for sale. It is 6 months old and has been ridden about 10 times. We are asking $2500 and would want buyer to take care of shipping. We live in Peoria AZ.

  26. I am interested in buying a gently used Theracycle do to my PD . I live in the St. Louis MO area. Willing to pick up.

  27. I am seling Theracycle 200 that was barely used, it looks like brand new and its located in Queens NY. I am asking for $2500,If interested contac me at gjoaco2@gmail.Com.
    I can’t delivery, you must pick it up

  28. I am looking to purchase a good used Theracycle 200 exercise bike. I have had PD for 4 years and I think that this item can help me regain some strength in my legs.

  29. I have a used but in good condition Theracycle 200 I would like to sell for $1000. I saw this site and thought I could try it. I am in Phoenix, AZ so somewhere reasonably close might work for someone. My wife passed away some months ago and I no longer need it. Thank you for any advice on this.

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