What Success Have You Had with Parkinson’s?


What success have you had with Parkinson’s disease?


We believe the causes of Parkinson’s are multi-faceted and
that the underlying cause for one person may differ from
another. Specifically, the underlying and primary cause for
one person may be heavy metals, another pathogens, and
still another trauma. Some people are unlucky enough to
have issues with all three.

Our research thus far has evaluated only the effects of 
energy healing that included craniosacral therapy on the 
symptoms of persons with Parkinson’s who chose not to
take medications. Findings of our study showed that 75%
of the symptoms for the 10 persons in the study either
stayed the same or improved.

We concluded that energy work clearly helps, but
that the body also needs additional support like good
nutrition and detoxing to come back into balance.
The study led us to adopt a more holistic approach. 

Some of our initial study volunteers are doing quite
well indeed. I hope to have interviews with them soon.
We are gathering stories from people across the country
and elsewhere who are feeling better and finding
relief from their symptoms so others can get a sense
of what other people are doing for themselves to feel better.
It gives hope to many people when they realize that others
with Parkinsons are finding relief from their symptoms.
Some people have fully recovered.  

Clearly, there is no cure nor is there any magic formula
that people can use to heal. But it is also clear that many
people have found ways to feel better and get relief from
their symptoms. We are documenting these stories.

I also believe that everything we try must be carefully
documented, so in our initial study I used many research
instruments to track what was happening. Our subsequent
studies will be just as rigorous. We are planning to use 
outside evaluators for the First 100 Study.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery  

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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