Story of a Miracle Recovery from Parkinson’s


My husband, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
seven years ago, and who was drug free for the first five
of those years, has improved dramatically over the past
two months as follows: 

major, noticeable and sustained
   increase in energy (sexual, emotional, physical, mental, etc.): 
handwriting is easier; 
balance improved; 
less need for sleep and recovery/rest;
abatement of muscle soreness;
urge to return to direct, upright posture and then, arms swing naturally;
return of facial expression, moving faster and smoother;
the list goes on. 

He presently takes 5 25/100 Sinemet per day, which he
has been taking for almost two years.  He also is on a wide
range of supplements, which he has been on from the beginning
and finally, I have been giving him weekly energy treatments
which are loosely based on yin tui na but which amount to
an intuitive, hands on kind of relaxation session.
We are simply unable to explain his seeming recovery
and are happy to live with it as a miracle.  However, we
wanted to advise you of the remarkable turn-around
he is undergoing and seek any input you may have. 


Your story of recovery is an inspiration to everyone with
Parkinson’s who are on the road to recovery. Thank you
so much for sending it. I hope others with stories similar
to yours will be encouraged to send their own personal 
experiences with recovery.

Your husband’s recovery program has consisted of a two pronged
approach: nutrition and energy work. He gives his body the
nourishment it needs to rejuvenate damaged neural pathways and
balance out the intricate array or hormones in his body.

Why did it take so long for the supplements to take effect?
It is often the case that the digestive system is compromised
in the early stages of recovery.  The food needed by the
body to repair cells is not being adequately assimilated or
processed. It takes time for blockages and barriers in the
digestive system to clear.  

Some of the best evidence of recovery comes from John
Coleman, ND. It took him nearly four years to recover from
the symptoms of Parkinson’s. As a naturopath John has helped 
other clients fully recover, but their recovery too has taken
2-4 years. It simply takes time for the digestive system and
the body time to come “back on line.”  

You have also been giving him subtle energy treatments.
I believe this is also a significant reason for his remarkable

My colleagues and I did a six month study to evaluate the
effects of energy healing on the symptoms of 10 persons
who have Parkinson’s in Portland, Oregon. We tracked
their symptoms using standard research instruments
and videos. 

Findings showed that 75% of the symptoms either improved
or stayed the same. Videos of before the treatments and after
also showed remarkable improvements.

Energy work helps to release stress and trauma which we
believe is a factor that causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Energy work also helps the body balance out the complicated
mix of hormones that are continuously circulating throughout
the body.   

Your experience with the recovery of your husband matches
our own experience perfectly.  The weekly energy sessions and
the nutritional supplements are both clearly two important reasons for
the miracle of his recovery. 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. 
Parkinsons Recovery  

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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