Fasting, Ketones and Parkinson’s

Isn’t Bills story below fascinating? He as agreed to be a guest on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Fasting and Ketones

My name is Bill Curtis. I have had PD since 2010. I would be able to address the symptoms that improved and the mechanisms I believe are behind the improvement of my symptoms. I was raising my beta hydroxybutyrate levels through intermittent fasting with exercise, and also through overnight fasting with MCT and Kerry gold and coconut oil. I have also had a 10 trial of Dr. Veech’s ester. I would be happy to share my experience with you.

One thing that particularly impressed me about the results were the effect of the treatments on pain that only appears when I am off.

When I am off and go for a walk, I get about 50 yards into the walk and my back starts to hurt. I go another 50 yards and I start to bend over in pain. Oddly enough when I am on, I never have this problem.

I call this PD related pain, because it correlates with my other PD symptoms. I tracked every hour of every day I was awake and would ask, “Did I have PD related pain in the last hour?” The answer on days without raising ketone levels was frequently yes, I had pain in the last hour.  The answer on both the coffee and the Veech ester was never. This was a very surprising result that I had not expected. The same could be said of my dystonia.

I have so many friends who suffer from pain associated with PD and I think this approach is worth trying if you have pain caused by PD.

My Mom and a few others with PD have tried the coffee with organic cream, Kerry gold butter, coconut oil. MCT oil and Stevia, and all who have had PD and taken the coffee report a great deal of symptom relief.

All the best,

Bill Curtis

3 thoughts on “Fasting, Ketones and Parkinson’s

  1. Robert-

    When you have Mr Curtis on your radio show, could you ask him to expand on his use of “Dr Veech ester”?

    Also could you ask him if he thinks taking a large amount of coconut oil, etc all at once in the AM is better than spacing out the “dose” throughout the day (per Bruce Fife, Mary Newport and others}?

  2. I would happy to ask Bill these questions! We do not have a time scheduled yet but I hope to host him soon on the radio show.


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