What Can I Do to Stop Tremors when I am in Stressful Situations?


I start getting tremors in my jaw and left arm every time I am in a difficult or new situation. It doesn’t make any difference if I  have just taken my Sinemet medication or not. What can I do about this?


Stress has a huge impact on symptoms. The husband of one client was having serious health challenges himself. Her  symptoms deteriorated rapidly during this period. When his health problems resolved, her symptoms immediately improved. The correlation between the stress and her symptoms was near perfect.

Stress clearly is the trigger for the symptoms.There are helpful responses you can initiate in new situations to relieve the stress. We do live demonstrations of techniques that are useful in such situations in Jump Start to Wellness. A solid connection with yourself and the earth helps relieve the stress.  Regardless of the technique, they all invite a connection with yourself  and to the earth.

When we go into fear in a new situation – everyone does - our energy tends to dissipate and scatter. We feel unsafe, some of us more so than others. Our energy begins to bounce  around our heads and not our feet. The key to reducing the stress is to shift the energy down to your feet so that you can feel the support of mother earth and feel safer.  

When we are able to move out of feeling fear in the moment and shift into a place of feeling secure and safe, the stress is relieved and the symptoms do not flare up. It is really a moment to moment thing.  It helps to remember that the stress is created moment to moment. We control the symptoms when we control our reactions in the moment.   

I will be writing soon about specific techniques that are useful in such situations in the Parkinsons Recovery Newsletter.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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