A New Lease on Life

Dear Robert,

I have just listened to the interview with Howard Shifke. Just prior to that, I prayed for a new perspective because I was in pain which was about to discourage me again. So, I put it on, layed down, fell asleep, and woke refreshed in a very listening state. Howard covered all the areas that I have not understood yet. I began to see the symptoms–like the annoying urinations–as gifts. All the symptoms give you a true reading on your problems. I didn’t understand the spiritual and inner connection and the inner process of self therapy, though I have in fact been working on this–with improvement. His sharing of methods gives me much more in resources. Howard certainly understands exactly what it is like and what is happening and the process of recovery. I have a great desire to keep going now. I’ve already started listening to my body, but now I have a handle on what I’m hearing. There are a few other details I could include such as I devised a standing meditation and am returning to liver detox. Maybe Howard would enjoy this email to learn he helped someone in his interview.

I have a little contribution that has helped me. It is a flower essence story again, but this one worked more powerfully than the others. It started at the end of summer 2010. in the Bach series, Agricola is a remedy for those who carry great problems but outwardly act like the happy-go-lucky life of the party. This flower remedy helped me overcome suffering suffering in front of others, which was a pretty awkward problem. I found this flower remedy through energy testing, which was a strong “yes” for me. Whatever it is supposed to do for people, for me it made me more emotionally caring for myself (thus diminishing signaling care from others) and more spiritually tuned to others’ joy. Now, I habitually look for joy in people, and they seem to know it, as they are glad to see me. In this vibration-connection, they are distracted from my symptoms and would rather like their happiness reinforced. At the same time, I try to reduce my show of symptoms so that there is less to see. This makes for a good social exchange, as both my jobs entail seeing a lot of people.

Thank you for developing the resource center that you are. Believe me, there is a crucial need for it–and how wonderful that so many people are waking up to a better picture of parkinson’s recovery! Publish this as you see fit.


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