Sue Richard’s Story of Recovery

Parkinsons Recovery challenges the false belief that Parkinson’s is a degenerative “disease” by documenting cases of individuals who have made remarkable recoveries. Some of the recoveries are complete in the sense that the person is symptom free today. Other recoveries are partial in the sense that the person has seen remarkable improvements. Both cases are documented in my book Pioneers of Recovery.

Once anyone realizes that people do recover, it is much easier to fully and completely believe in your heart and soul that the body knows how to heal itself.

I have another remarkable story of recovery for you: Sue Richards – who is my guest on the radio show Thursday – September 16th at 11:00 am pacific time.

One year ago she was using a walker, unable to work and seriously handicapped. Today Sue walks without a walker. She is ready to look for work. She is  functional.

How did Sue make this miracle happen? Hear her complete story by calling the following toll free phone number during the radio show: (877) 590-0733

Or, listen at your computer by visiting:

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