Are There Any Natural Remedies for Parkinson’s?


I am 52 years old and I have been
experiencing Parkinsonian symptoms
for over a year now.  I went to a
neurologist and he said I did show
early stages of parkinsons i.e. trembling
in left foot, cramped/small handwriting,
left hand has trouble touching thumb
to middle finger at a fast pace; I feel I
talk slower; I have constipation
(I thought the constipation was from
my acid reflux condition) and I recently
fell into a depression cause of some
events in my life…

I am taking SAMe now for three weeks
and feel somewhat better but not l00%…
I am scheduled to see this neurologist
again in September to see if my condition
is true and or progressed and at that time
he will discuss taking medication for
I am praying that these symptoms I
am experiencing are due to another
situation like menopause and or my
I am reaching out to you for any input
on where I am at and also any natural
remedies I might start doing now to
improve my health and well being.


Thank you for sending in your question
to Parkinsons Recovery. You will find
my newsletter, this blog and our website
contains information and resources that
offer many choices you can consider. 

You will always find new information on
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I write about approaches people say
have helped them, so we are very
practical in our approach here. Our 
mission is to provide you with a
wealth of information about natural
approaches and remedies so you
can make the choices that are
right for you.

I interview people with Parkinson’s
who tell me what has worked for them.
And, I also interview experts in their
various fields (e.g.: process psychologists,
physical therapists, herbalists, craniosacral
therapists, Neural Linguistic Programming
experts, biofeedback therapists, acupuncturists,
etc., etc.) who tell me about how their
work can potentially help people with
Parkinson’s feel better.

The good news is that I hear 
reports every week from
people with Parkinsons who are
feeling better. You can too, though
you will have to make some
changes in your life.

Speaking generally, the natural
approaches that people tell me offer
relief from symptoms are: a healthy
diet, daily exercise, detoxing heavy
metals and other harmful substances
that reside in the body, awareness of
what stress does to the body, release
of traumas, meditation, laughter, 
social contact and dedication to a purpose
in life. 

The theme at Parkinsons Recovery is
to emphasize health and well being rather
than to dwell on “disease.” We believe
the body knows how to heal itself. It just
needs a little help sometimes.  

Welcome aboard.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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