Blossoming of Incredible Creativity Thanks to Parkinson’s

My name is Andrea and I live in Florida with my Mom. She was diagnosed with PD about 17 years ago. She’s still in a pretty good shape because she takes as little medication as possible and we tried different type of alternative therapies like stem cell injection in Mexico, electromagnetic brain stimulation in Hungary, taking Kapikacchu powder and vitamins. She boosts her immune system with fermented papaya powder (Osato USA) and she received glutathione injections for a while (Dr. Perlmutter).

The medication side effects caused us lots of trouble and cost lots of money.She’s definitely in better shape than 2 years ago.Thank you for you the next thing what we want to try the sound therapy by Sharry Edwards. [Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options was featured as a guest on your radio show last week].

The reason I’m writing to you that you probably know where we can find electromagnetic brain stimulation in the US. It helped for about 3 months. I know the FDA approved it only for stress management, not for PD. But I heard that we still can find this treatment in the US. It’s probably not legal but we don’t really care. Do you have any information about it?

It must be true that people with PD are getting more artistic. My mom started doing shell crafts, mostly animals. Everybody’s saying around us that she’s really creative and talented. I put together a web site for her and an e-book (photo album). The website which displays her creative art work with shells is:

I think this type of activity is really therapeutic and helps fighting against the PD. (Of course when she’s burning her fingers it’s not so much:)

I just signed up as a member on your web site []. I think it’s great and I really hope my mom will take advantage of it.



Thanks so much for sending in the story about your Mom. You are certainly trying out some fascinating therapies. Sounds like her situation is improving every month. Hooray!

As for what you call electromagnetic stimulation, visit the following website for more information:

I am not sure this is what you are asking about but Dr. Jaclyn Gisburne, Ph.D. has been using neuro-feedback with wonderful results. Her approach is noninvasive and natural. She uses a cutting edge form of neural feedback to challenge the brain to create new neural pathways. She also reports that early trauma has a profound impact on the symptoms.

The exciting positive side effect of Parkinson’s symptoms is a blossoming of incredible creativity. It is as if under used parts of the brain are suddenly activated. Thanks for sending us all the link to the website which displays your Mom’s art work. I loved seeing the shell work and reading your story.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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