Causes of Parkinson’s Disease Can Be Multi-Faceted

Many people wonder what causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. What follows is a letter to Howard Shifke from Tom who gave me permission to post it today. Tom’s letter is a true testimonial to the multi-faceted factors that cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

There is a second theme in Tom’s letter. The recovery process often involves a period of time when symptoms get worse. Many people believe that when a  therapy is pursued, the immediate result should be an improvement in symptoms. If the therapy (whatever it might be) is effective, it is often the case that symptoms will initially get worse before they improve. If the therapy is abandoned prematurely, you are not giving it an opportunity to have the positive effect you had intended.

If you are trying out new therapeutic options which have led to a worsening of  conditions, consider having a party to celebrate this (unwanted) outcome. Of course, a therapeutic option may be harming your body and should be abandoned. But if the therapy has no side effects, consider the possibility it is doing precisely what you had hoped for.

A flare up of symptoms may simply mean your body is being cleansed from toxins. Give your body a little time to do this work since toxins can be nasty substances to eliminate from the delicate tissues of the body.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

What follows is Tom’s letter to Howard Shifke:

Since we talked last month I reduced my use of supplements my physical and mental  functions have been reduced quite a lot.  Not only my PD symptoms increased but a new complication surfaced, daily unexplained vertigo.

This and other factors led to me missing my daily Qigong exercises more and more frequently.  I have continued to spiral downward until at now the bottom I have recommitted to a new paradigm:

“A stronger dedicated commitment to recover”

As this was happening several issues pointed me to the premise that my PD is also affected by my diet/nutrition.  So I have had some specific tests run. The results were amazing:

  1. The first test was an Alcat food sensitivity panel which showed I was mildly to moderately sensitive to 54 food, spices or  additives.
  2. Next I had a 5MTHF panel which showed I am missing two genes (rare to have both sets missing, 1 from father, 1 from mother) which help in the metabolizing of folic acid, a precursor to glutathione production
  3. Next I had Heidelberg test performed.  This measures the HCl content, as well as, the rate of return to an acid state in the stomach when a food is introduced.  In my case my stomach does not produce HCL in a manner that allows for the breakdown of trace elements.  So I’m digesting only  small percentage of my food’s nutrients
  4. Next I was tested on how many elements ( calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, etc. ) I was missing.  Three critically low elements is considered very serious.  I am critically low in 10. I’m currently on an IV replacement  routine.
  5. Next I was tested and found I also have ‘Leaky gut syndrome’  This means nutrients are lost and/or not absorbed by my intestines. Also toxins can be let into my bloodstream. Not only am I not absorbing my less than normal  trace elements, but my intestines are allowing toxins to be introduced back into my body.

My naturopath feels that once these issues are addressed/repaired I may make substantial improvement with my PD symptoms.  It’s my belief that as well.

It’s my plan to introduce repair/relief from gut issues, eat as healthy as possible, reintroduce consistent Qigong (with your  help), biking and walking exercises, continue to build a support network and continue to document my recovery.

As you can see I have a way to go but I think I’m on the right path for me

THANK YOU for your support


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