Chiropractic Adjustments as Therapy for Parkinson’s Symptoms

Hello Dr Rodgers

I appreciate your work & I bought several of your programs which I follow: 5 Steps to Recovery,  Road to Recovery … After reading the Book from Dr J. COLEMAN, [Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’] I postponed starting chiropractic Treatment.

Recently I found a GENTLE chiropractor & not a “bone crusher” (tried once) & I was convinced  to try chiropractic adjustments 3 times / week for neck & back pain.For the last 3 weeks, I haven’t seen any improvement BUT EVERYBODY SAYS IT IS A SLOW RECOVERY COMPARING the same way we wear braces for the teeth.I know the Healing is from the INSIDE OUT as Dr John SARNO  explains in his book: the mind body prescription.(Healing the body healing the pain)

There is no specific program one size fits all but we want to benefit from those who tried these modalities.Of course I follow a diet from Dr COLEMAN & DR L. MISCHLEY, I take the supplements, I exercise, bodywork ( Bowen + CST) meditate, clear my heart with healthy beliefs etc…

My first question:

Is chiropractic beneficial or no in the long run?


I would not place chiropractic adjustments in the list of preferred therapies that people with the symptoms of Parkinson’s say has helped them the most. I suspect the problem lies in the fact that the muscular restrictions found with many symptoms of Parkinson’s create an inflexibility that makes adjustments painful for many people. In some cases, the body will respond by tensing up more which of course is the reverse of what the chiropractor intends. Chiropractors who use gentle touch are more likely to get better results.

Every one’s body is different. We cannot make a list of good and bad therapies for people with the symptoms of Parkinson’s because the conditions that create the neurological challenges are different for each person. Listen carefully to how your body responds to a therapy such as chiropractic adjustments. Your body will tell you loud and clear whether the therapy is helping or not.

The best approach I think is to use your own good intuitive insights and give it a try if you are called to explore the therapy as a possibilty. I should say however that my research shows there are other therapies that show up more often as beneficial in reducing symptoms.

2nd question:

Bowen is helpful but we are limited by no bodywork 4-5 days before & after.

As I understand this question – you are saying that your Bowen therapist recommends a time when the body can integrate the work. This is a common recommendation after work is done, though I am not familiar with the idea that you have to do nothing 4-5 days before the therapy is administered.

Again, I do not think any static rule needs to be followed here. Just listen to your body. If it tells you it needs the therapy, go for it.

Last question for now

GLUTATHIONE is a strong anti-oxidant & IV administration is not practical & the nasal spray is yet to come BUT I found a respected Canadian company selling IMMUNOCAL based on WHEY Protein (cow dairy product) supposed to increase significantly the Glutathion in the body.This product is registered in the US & Canadian medicine compondium as a booster of immunity. My problem is the dairy origin of IMMUNOCAL & we have to stay away from dairy products in PD.


How interesting! Your doctor can obtain the nasal Glutathione through a company in Seattle called Key Compounding Pharmacy. Listen to my radio program interview with Dr. Laurie Mischley on June 17th. She has been prescribing the Glutathione nasal spray for her patients for several years and has been getting great results overall.

I will follow-up on your tip. Sounds interesting! Perhaps I can interview a representative of the company and air the interview on my weekly radio show.

Thank for all your work & Bless you all


I assure you it is a pleasure for me to serve.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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