Control of Dopamine Systems and Dopamine Levels


Has Anyone Improved Enough to Discontinue Sinemet?


The most encouraging news I have heard comes from John Coleman who is from Australia. He is a naturopath who himself had Parkinson’s in the mid 90’s and has now fully recovered. John has now helped many others do the same.  Here is John Coleman’s answer to the question in his own words. 

“I chose not to take any western medication during my journey. There were a number of reasons for that, mainly around the way doctors treated me. But that was my choice, and I’m glad of it.”

“However, all my clients who have recovered were taking western medication (Sinemet, Madopar, and/or others) until they got better. The first was taking around 1500 mg of levodopa per day, and gradually weaned himself of it over two years. Another was on Sinemet 100/25 three times daily and reduced that to 0 over about 18 months. Another was on Madopar and went cold turkey (I don’t advise that) after three years or so and has stayed well. Others have started on high medication and reduced to very low doses while they still work towards recovery.

“I saw a client this week who just gave up Sinement in January because he didn’t like the way it made him feel. He is a little stiffer without it, but feels better in himself and has more energy to work towards wellness. He is improving in health steadily.”

At Parkinsons Recovery we are hearing more and more stories from people who have successfully reduced the dose of the medications they have been taking under the close supervision of their doctor. I will be posting these reports as they come through.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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2 thoughts on “Control of Dopamine Systems and Dopamine Levels

  1. taking sinemet 25/100 for 3 yrs….need to wean off this nasty drug (bad side effects) what /when can I expect this drug out of my body? im using MUCUNA TO HELP with off times of sinemet was taking sinemet 3 times a day now just 2…please HELP THANK YOU

  2. Hi:

    Weaning off of the medications is a tricky process. The best resources to provide support are pharmacists who know all about medications, their side effects and procedures to wean off of them. Ross Pelton is a Natural Pharmacist who offers long distance consultations for individuals currently experiencing the type of issues you describe. I suggest you listen to my interview with him on Parkinsons Recovery Radio to help you decide whether he might be a resource you could consult.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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