Depression Help for Parkinson’s

Do you have issues with depression? 
I recently interviewed Dr. John
Coleman, a naturopath doctor
who once had Parkinson’s himself
and helps others today in his
Parkinsons Recovery Program
find relief from their symptoms.

John offered the following
recommendations for this problem.
If depression is an issue for you,
I am hoping you will see a
recommendation of his that will
help resolve this problem for you.

 “Most depression is misdiagnosed
in my opinion. I feel that most
people with Parkinson’s disease
are not truly depressed but are
anxious about their health and
all the negative rubbish they
have been told by the doctors
and their relatives and their
well-meaning friends.”

“I have found that this state
of anxiety responds well to
activity, that is regular
exercise, yoga, Pilates, Tai
Chi, gardening – just getting
out there. Other helpful remedies
are flower essences and meditation,
especially meditating with
affirmations and visualizations.”

“It’s also really important to
repair our gastrointestinal tract.
A lot of depressive feelings
and so-called diagnosed depression
result from very poor digestion.”

“If we have poor nutrition, we can’t
produce the amino acids and the
neurotransmitters we need to feel
good. Repairing our tract and
eating a really good diet will
certainly alleviate depression.”

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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