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I am desperately depressed. What can I do about it?


This is a truly challenging place to find yourself.
It is as if nothing can pull you out of the depths of
despair. There is a drag on all motivation to do anything
of any substance. Nothing you do makes a difference.
Clearly, hormonal imbalances are taking their toll.

The depression can be so deep and penetrating that
it is nearly impossible to take any action to reverse it.
Even making an appointment with a health care provider
takes up too much energy. The negative thought form
that emerges is:

It won’t make any difference anyway, so why bother?

It is a place of despair where all you can think about
is going to sleep so you are not haunted by the black
void of nothingness and immobility.

Have I described the feel adequately? I had never
personally experienced depression until a few years
ago when it struck out of the blue. I was sucked in
by the negative drain of energy which feels impossible
to deflect. 

I have pondered what might be a constructive answer
for several weeks. Three simple possibilities are offered.

First, buy a seasonal affective disorder light. Use
it every day. Drag yourself to the computer and order
one online today.

Second, purchase a vitamin supplement of vitamin D3.
Please note – this is D3, not a cpmposite vitamin D
supplement (which can include other forms of vitamin D).

Third, if there is sunlight, bask in it. You do not need
to take D3 if you are able to get sufficient exposure to

These are my simple suggestions. You can pull these things
off even in a state of deep depression. They will help
pull you out of the darkness.

Do it and you will see a gradual reawakening to the sweetness
of life.
Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery    

© 2009 Parkinsons Recovery

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