How do you recommend we detox our bodies?



Your question turns out to be huge indeed. I have used a naturopath doctor in Georgia (who I have actually never met in person), Ivy Faber. Ivy does bioenergetic testing to determine which toxins are problematic.
She then recommends the detox protocol to use.  I will be interviewing Ivy soon on the radio program so you can get a good idea of her approach by listening to the interview.

Naturopaths are great resources to help with detoxing. Herbalists have great resources, as are aromatherapists. Some medical doctors specialize in this area. Of course, exercise always helps the body to detox. Colon cleanses can be very useful as well.

In short, there are many, many possible approaches to consider. There are even detox programs that are designed to release specific toxins (like iron or other heavy metals).

I have actually tried different detoxes over the years which were purchased at food co-ops and health food stores. You can always tell if they are helpful because you begin to feel a lot better after several weeks.

Instead of doing a thorough review of alternatives, I ask my body through muscle testing which method I should use for now. The answer is often different depending on when I ask.

Muscle testing is the “quick and clean” method. I do not have to think as hard. I am into making things happen now.

Perhaps my way stems from my impatience.   Perhaps I am just lazy. But, muscle testing works well for me and happens to be my way of making decisions about detoxes my body needs.

In the big picture, I think what matters is to acknowledge toxins to be a challenge for everyone. We all need to detox at least every year if not every six months.

This is such a big issue I am writing a book which compiles the wisdom of the many people I have interviewed about how to release toxins from the body.

I will post your question on the blog to see if anyone else has a comment about methods they have used which were helpful.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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