Detoxing Your Body

This is a letter that I received Memorial Day which I just received permission to post. It is certainly a powerful statement about the results that are possible with a detox program and a healthy diet.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
parkinsons Recovery

I was diagnosed with advanced Parkinson’s Disease and if I believed in traditional allopathic medicine then I would have had little hope. I started researching on my own and was shocked at the information that is readily available to the public regarding industrial toxins and toxins that we ingest from pharmaceuticals. It is no surprise that physicians/hospitals/pharmaceuticals are the number one cause of death in the United States.Fortunately medicine is changing and medical schools are starting to segregate themselves from big pharma opting to teach healing and restoration of the body.

I no longer have any symptoms of Parkinson’s but I had to start at the basics, detoxing my body of harmful contaminants and toxic chemicals, that also including the poison that was prescribed for Parkinson’s which causes the very symptoms it is purported to relieve. To optimize my health I had to stop buying fruits and vegetable in regular grocery stores, instead I bought only organic fruits and vegetables including all groceries. MSG is in almost 75% of products sold in grocery stores although hidden under a different name, we ingest about one gallon of pesticides a year from buying fruits and vegetables from regular stores.

The heart of the matter is there is some action that we can take to better care for our health and that of our children. It requires that we educate ourselves from sources that are not self serving or radical, alternative medicine is filled with charlatans and can be every bit as harmful as the continued overuse of over the counter and prescription drugs.

There are physicians trained these days in the area of nutrition and using a combination of traditional medicine with medicine of the east commonly referred to as integrative medicine. In addition there is an emerging field of physicians that practice what is called functional medicine which believes at getting to the cause of the health issues rather then simply prescribing a medication to deal with the symptoms which invariably cause additional problems.

I actually don’t have much in the way of answers but do know that education and acting on what we know will improve the quality of our lives exponentially. I wish all of you a wonderful Memorial Weekend and God’s Peace.


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