Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Parkinson’s


I enjoyed your book  a great deal and read at a time when I was very low. It was passed to me by a homeopath, Bob Fordham, who lives near me and was the first homeopath I saw.

I am totally convinced – and other practitioners have also felt the same – that my parkinsonian symptoms are because of certain factors, especially an extreme sensitivity to electrical magnetic fields and microwave radiation (see electrosensitivity.org). My condition is much worse than anyone  else I have met. Being on this computer is making me really ill.

My house was badly affected by electro magnetic fields and geopathic stress. I moved but still got worse. Eventually five years ago Professor Burn at Newcastle General told me I had Parkinson’s Disease.

My partner of 10 years left me two weeks later. I was given dopamine agonist pramipexole. I initially saw some improvement. I moved from my house and got a computer, wifi and phone. My condition deteriorated. I moved again, but continued to get worse.

By accident I clicked onto the website electrosensitivity.uk  (http://www.es-uk.info) A lady called Sandy was convinced my illness was caused by my sensitivity. A hair sample was sent to Gary Johnson who told me I did not have Parkinson’s Disease but electrosensitivity.

I checked where I was living. Five masts (90 yds from me) a lady called Georgi  came to my house. She had traveled 14,000 miles all over the UK to find a safe place. She settled in Rothbury in Northumberland. They then built two masts above house 3 miles  from my floor. She was affected in the house and could hardly breath. Gary Johnson said if I stayed  there I would die.

Prior to this nutritionist Gwenda Jones [www.Naturesnutrition.com] tested my urine and told me I did not have Parkinsons Disease but lead poisoning from paint, mercury amalgam and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. I started a detox program which was associated with horrible side affects. I searched for safe place to live out of the house.

Both Gary and Gwenda felt that the drug Pramipexole  was enhancing my sensitivity. I slowly came off but was taken into the hospital very ill. Professor Burn increased my meds and l felt better the next day. He upped again.

Over the last four years I have become more and more sensitive. From the age of 10 I lived in a house bedroom 25 ft from an electric sub-station which is 2 miles from the airport. An incidence of early deaths in the houses near me was scary. By council initiative, all houses were built with all electric heating under the floors. My father died at age 53.

Next door two 49 year old males had heart attacks; Alzheimer’s two doors away; two cases of MS; cancer in a 14 year old boy. For the first time I had enuresis nose bleeds. My parents argued all the time.

I recently went back to the area where I grew up. They had put a roof on the sub-station, but illnesses have gotten worse, especially among children. I left that house in 1972 to train to be a PE teacher.

It was when I started my nurse training in 1993 that a rash appeared on my buttocks and has slowly gotten worse. Every doctor says eczema. Do I want cream, etc.? They laugh when I tell them how I can get it to go away. As my condition worsened I started to take a herb called kapikachu. This has saved my life.

Any advice on my electrosensitivity would be appreciated.

As a good friend said, out of adversity comes strength



Any other stories out there that speak to the challenges Alan is confronting?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. I thought it interesting that kapikachu, the herb Alan takes for his rash, is also called mucuna pruriens, which contains L- dopa and is, of course, used for Parkinson’s.

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