Emotional Freedom Technique and Parkinson’s

Parkinsons Recovery is all about identifying
approaches and therapies that give relief
from the symptoms of Parkinson’s. One among
many such techniques I have identified from
my research is the Emotional Freedom Technique
(or EFT). EFT is a marvelous, easy to use
technique that has provided relief to some
people with Parkinson’s I have interviewed. 

Can it help you? Maybe. Maybe not, but why not find
out more about it? 

EFT can be self-administered. Anyone can use it. It
is free. You do not need to hire a therapist, though
some people prefer to go this route.

In my opinion it is well worth giving EFT a try.
There is really nothing to lose.   
Click on the link at the bottom of this newsletter
and you be able to view a 20 minute video that shows
what happens when EFT is used by five veterans who
have been traumatized by war. The video illustrates
how EFT is done and shows its potential to heal the
wounds of war.

I believe EFT can also be helpful in healing the
traumas associated with Parkinson’s. What do the
traumas of war have to do with Parkinson’s?
Regardless of its origin, trauma has a profound
impact on the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

This video will obviously be of interest to any veteran,
but I urge you to watch this video even if you are not
a veteran of war.

Many of the symptoms you will see in this video are the
same symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. The video
clearly illustrates a link between trauma and
the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  

The good news is that EFT helped these five people.
I believe EFT also has the potential to provide relief
from the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Click on the link below. It is an amazing video.
I urge you to watch. 


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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