Energy Work Done to Relieve Symptoms of Parkinson’s


I was diagnosed with parkinson’s about a year ago and began treatment with levodopa about 6 months ago.  Symptoms have been alleviated. I also began craniosacral massage about the same time as the levodopa.  So, of course now I cannot tell  which has been helpful.
My question however is about the scheduling of craniosacral massage:  should I expect to have massage treatments on a periodic basis whenever symptoms worsen or should I schedule sessions on a regular basis regardless of symptoms?  In other words, do conditions alleviated by craniosacral massage recur?
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Decisions about the timing of any treatment – in this case craniosacral therapy – are in large part a function of the purpose you wish the therapy to serve. The answer is actually rooted in the thought which underpins your decision to do the therapy.

Is the purpose to alleviate symptoms? If so, the intent is not to heal the underlying cause of the symptoms. It is probably best to go when pain surfaces or symptoms flare. Recognize here that you are in a negative cycle. You have embraced the thought form that you will not get better, so the best you can do for yourself is to address symptoms as best you can.

As I write this I can feel a very low energy and energy to this plan of action. And, if this is the purpose, you will be seeing a craniosacral therapist for the rest of your life.

Is the purpose to heal the underlying cause of the symptoms? If so, the challenge is to work with a craniosacral therapist so that you can unwind and release the trauma that is trapped at the cellular level in your body. If you set your intention to heal and release the trauma, you will gradually feel better and better, though you may have setbacks here and there as your body adjusts. Once the trauma is released and the tension in the body has been unwound, you do not have to continue getting regular treatments. Only if you are re traumatized will additional treatments be necessary.

This needs to be a gentle and gradual process, with no reason to rush it or nudge it forward faster than your body can tolerate. As I write this paragraph, I can feel a very high level of energy and hope exudes every cell of my body.

How often should you go? Your body will give you the answer. Just ask it.

So, the answer depends on the thought form that is motivating the interest in doing the therapy. I am doing a series of teleseminars on how our thoughts determine whether or not we will heal. Everyone is welcome – Thursdays at 11:00 pacific time. Specifics are posted on the blog I entered here February 2nd. Just scroll down a few pages.  

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
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