Enhanced Creativity is a Symptom of Parkinson’s Disease

Like the title? I want to document the
observation that a pronounced 
symptom of Parkinson’s is enhanced

If you happen to have the symptoms
of Parkinson’s today, there is a near
perfect chance that you have already
been very successful with whatever you 
chose to do with your life. I validate
this truth over and over, week after
week in my conversations with people
who have Parkinson’s.  

I now have a very strong suspicion
that when the symptoms of Parkinson’s
creep into your daily life, many people 
become significantly more creative. 
They begin doing things they have never
done before in new and innovative ways. 
Their creativity skyrockets (and it was
already off the scales to begin with).

Something happens – perhaps to the
soul of the brain – that is magical.
Here is what I heard today from a
man who has the symptoms of

“Although I have always been
creative when it comes to ideas,
I had never written poetry before
nor children’s books and after
I was diagnosed, I started doing
both. It also seemed very easy
for me to do so. When I sat down
and started writing, the words
flowed very quickly.”

For reasons unknown to me, I have
observed that people with Parkinson’s
expand  their horizons, make choices
they never imagined taking
and do things they had never
planned on doing. The world
is a better place because of it.  

I want to document the truth of the 
observation that the creativity of
people with Parkinson’s is enriched
and nourished. 

Send me your story about how your
own creativity has soared after being
diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I will
collect these stories and publish
them in this blog, in the newsletter
and in the book for all to read. 

E mail me your story (a sentence,
paragraph or more):  
Please indicate how you want me
to attribute your story. I can
make it anonymous, put your
first name only, both first and
last names, add where you are
from, etc. I can enter whatever
information you prefer, if any at

Call 1-877-526-4646 if you prefer 
and leave a message.  I will return
the call and record your story.

I will assemble the stories and
publish them for all to read.   

Parkinson’s is a gift in disguise.
Let’s prove it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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