Epinephrine, Novocaine and Mercury Amalgams

Today, I had two old, mercury amalgam patched gold crowns removed. They said they took out a LOT of Mercury amalgam from under the crown.  They will replace them with Zirconium crowns that the man who analyzes the Clifford tests suggested to my dentist.  That man at Clifford would also be very interesting to interview. He has a wealth of info about compatible dental materials.

Another issue is the difficulty that epinephrine can cause.  One woman new to our support group never had a tremor until recently when she was given pain killer containing epinephrine and she has not stopped having tremors since that dental appointment.  Another woman said her “Parkinson’s” began at a dentist appointment. Our group leader asked his dentist who had been to a special conference where they said not to use Novocaine with epinephrine with people who have neurological challenges.  Another man was given a copy of the printed info that comes with both kinds of pain killer. Today my dentist gave me plain Novocaine without epinephrine.  After 2 hours of sitting while they worked I was shaky all over but it did go away.  It felt like it might be my body adjusting to the big clump of amalgam leaving.  I feel much better tonight.

I strongly feel people with Parkinson’s or a pre-disposition (heredity) should be informed about this issue and choice.  My dentist said they keep both kinds of pain killer available because there are people who are sensitive. (Also, the dermatologist uses pain killer with epinephrine and could be asked to use a non-epinephrine alternative.)

What are others learning about this issue?


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