Fava Beans Tincture Secret Recipe Revealed

I posted an update from Aunt Bean today on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Beans website. Aunt Bean is a self-designated Parkinson’s researcher who is dedicated to finding natural approaches to reverse her own Parkinson’s symptoms. Her specialty is identifying foods that provide relief from symptoms…

Fava Beans Tincture

One of Aunt Beans most exciting discoveries is her fava bean tincture which she makes for herself and friends. I think she should receive the Parkinsons Researcher of the year award for this discovery alone – and she has many.Whenever Aunt Bean experiences the beginning stages of her own Parkinson’s symptoms, she places a drop or two of her tincture and presto.
Her symptoms dissolve. It is really quite remarkable. Her fava bean tincture is natural. It has no side effects.

Aunt Bean does not manufacture or sell the tincture. She does post her secret recipes on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Bean website. Discover how she makes her tincture. Read all of her secrets revealed.


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