Flea Medication and Parkinsons Disease


A few years ago a drop of flea med landed on my wrist as my half wild cat struggled to get away.

Had immediate reaction, shakes, weakness, terrible headache, incoordination.  Couldn’t get off floor until my husband came home and pulled me onto my feet.

ER did lumbar puncture, thinking I had a brain bleed.  Nothing showed.

ER docs discounted that flea med could cause it BECAUSE THERE WERE NO PRIOR STUDIES  ON HUMANS.

Took a few weeks to recover, although my knees had a tendency to weaken for no apparent reason afterwards.

To confirm my suspicions, several weeks later a vet opened a tube of the same flea med across the room from me.  I tasted it immediately, went weak and, of course, ran out of the room.

Recently heard, through my new vet, of person in British Columbia with same reaction.  Am waiting for contact info through her pet’s vet.

Is there a website with demographics or a search application with factors that people dealing with PD may have in common?

I’m a newbie and just began my search.



There is no website that I know of that does such an analysis. As you can see from my requests to post your email – I always post stories from people if I get permission.  I have not had a discussion of flea powder as a toxin emerge however.

Many people know that they were exposed to toxins but do not realize it is likely the factor causing their
symptoms. There is a strong likelihood that the flea pesticide you were exposed to contained pyrethroid. Researchers have found that the symptoms of Parkinsons have been directly linked to exposure to this very specific pesticide.

Now the challenge for you is to identify a detox program that will succeed in releasing the toxin from your body.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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