Foot Injuries and Parkinson’s Disease


You believe in the correlation between injured feet (toes) and Parkinson’s?  And why?


I include injuries to the body as one of many possible causes of symptoms that are associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in my book, Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease. Why is an injury to the foot particularly problematic? There is an energy meridian from the foot which connects to the digestive system and other systems in the body that are essential to maintaining hormonal balance and harmony. If this meridian is disrupted the body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients that are essential to neural health is compromised.

The larger perspective turns on disruptions of the energy field (and distortions to any meridians) which are the causes of all illnesses. Most diseases – Parkinsons included, originates in the energy field. Any and all distortions are eventually transmuted to the body where they are manifested as illness.

Energy healers can see or sense disease in the energy field before it is manifested in the physical body. Energy work can be helpful in interrupting  a disease process already underway and restoring a person’s body to its natural state of balance and wellness. Once all contortions, distortions and blockages in the meridians and energy field are cleared and restored, the disease process is reversed.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

One thought on “Foot Injuries and Parkinson’s Disease

  1. As a Homeopath I agree with you that mental/emotional disturbances eventually manifest themselves physically if not dealt with. Rebalancing a person’s energy field brings them back to the health they knew before the trauma or difficulty and therefore curbing the disease process. Any other approach is only a band-aid or palliative treatment. All physical disease is an expression of the disturbed mental/emotional state (the delusion) and the physical expression is directly related to the persons’ perception of life.

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