Frankincense, Magnesium Powder and Meditation

The following is a letter I received this week:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your wonderful encouraging letters. I got the book Pioneers of Recovery. It is very positive, has helpful information and surely is worth of purchasing. I started to use passionflower drops in a glass of water (10 drops three times / day) – it does help with tremors.

I also made massage oil for same using frankincense drops; one drop / 1cc of carrier oil ( I use almond oil) – I use it on my neck and arm – it helps. I also use Magnesium powder.

I learned all that from your book. I just studied it a bit more . I am on my way to recover, next step is to detox and get Aquas…

In addition, of course, I use your meditation CDs every day – They are very helpful, issues that I had forgotten come out.

Again, Thank you!!

TV, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Isn’t this a lovely letter? I am practicing receiving, which I believe helps all of us balance our hormones.  At first, I wasn’t going to make this public, but then I thought I really need to take this praise in.  My hormones are already thanking me.  

You will understand better why if you listen to my last teleseminar (see the march 10th entry by scrolling down the page). 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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