How Do I Manage the Lump in My Throat?

Hello. I have many of the symptoms of Parkinsons and am in the process of getting a diagnosis (MRI, etc). One
symptom I have that I don’t know how to manage is that of the sensation of a lump in my throat. Like all the other symptoms I have, this sensation comes and goes but it seems to be getting worse, what can I do to manage this?

Thanks much


I have two thoughts for you in response to your question. First, your question asks

What can I do to manage this?”

You do not ask:

“What do you suppose is causing this lump in my throat?”

“How can I get rid of this lump?”

My point is simple: You seem to be resigned that you will be stuck with a lump in your throat for the rest of your life. You appear to have accepted the lump as a part of who you are. The only question of importance that remains is to figure out how to manage it.

Our language has a powerful impact on our recovery. If we believe a symptom is irreversible, it will be irreversible. If we believe our body can heal itself, symptoms such as lump in our throat will be healed.

My second thought centers around what your body might be telling you. Symptoms are information our body gives to us to let us know something is out of balance. I obviously do not know the message your body is sending to you but consider several possibilities by way of explaining my meaning here.

  • Perhaps you are eating something that is very bad  for your body. Your body’s reaction is to shut down your ability to eat. It does that by growing a large lump in your throat. If you stop eating the food that is toxic to your body, the lump will disappear.
  • If your voice is being compromised by the lump, perhaps it is a challenge for you to speak your truth? Perhaps you get all choked up often and lose track of what you want to say to others?
  • Perhaps your body is shutting down your ability to talk fluently so you can listen to your own inner wisdom. Perhaps you do not take action on what you know is in your best and highest good.

Of course, there are many possibilities. I suggest that you begin to listen to what your body is telling you. Recognize the lump as information you need to hear. What is your body telling you with this lump? Once you figure out the answer to this question and take the appropriate action, your lump will disappear.

Why not have a dialogue with your lump? Give your lump a voice. Listen to what she has to say. Have a conversation with your lump just as you might have a conversation with your best friend.

I must apologize for not actually answering your question. I have not speculated on you you can manage your lump because I do not view it as something which should be managed. Instead of being a symptom to be managed, I believe a lump in the throat is something to be heard with the mindful intention of healing.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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