How Do You Determine Which Treatments Are Appropriate for You?


How Do You Determine Which Treatments Are Appropriate
for the Individual?


We show each person ways they can figure the answers out 
for themselves. Your body knows the answers. We just have to
remember to ask. How do we ask our own body a question
and, more curiously, how do we figure out the answer? 

Muscle testing is a great way to find out what our body
needs. I have an explanation of how to do muscle testing
in a Parkinsons Recovery newsletter.  

Each person is unique. Some approaches work beautifully
for one person but not another. It does not make sense for 
to advocate one standard approach. 

We encourage people to  experiment, to find out what
works for them. There are so many fascinating options 
today. We provide extensive information about the
many options that are available so that decisions can be
made using the full range of information. 

In summary, the body knows what it needs. We just have to
remember to ask it.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. 
Parkinsons Recovery 

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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