How does John Coleman, ND, Fit into your Work?


How does John Coleman ND fit into your work here in the United States?


John Coleman is a naturopathic doctor from Australia who himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995. Using a unique combination of natural approaches, John fully recovered in three and a half years. He now helps other people find relief from their symptoms. 

We collaborate closely with John Coleman. Zero Point Healers was doing work with Parkinson’s in Washington state beginning in 2004.  John had been working with Parkinson’s clients for 10 years. John came to Washington state to do a clinic on Parkinson’s which we attended. At the clinic, John talked about everything we were talking about here in the Washington state to help people find relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s. 

So, I concluded - we must have gotten it all right. We must have figured out the answer. After all, how could the two of us working independently on opposite sides of the globe have come up with the same set of ideas? It is highly implausible unless the ideas themselves are intrinsically correct.

John’s has had a profound influence on my own work here in the United States. He currently offers a top flight 12 step Parkinsons Recovery Program for anyone interested in finding ways to get relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s. 

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. 
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