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My mother has Parkinsons, was diagnosed about 5 years ago in Alabama, moved to Ohio in June 2010 to live with us so that we can care for her. In Alabama, her doctors gave her little time or help. When we moved her to Ohio, we took her to OSU and they totally changed her meds…..she became worse. We brought her to a neurologist in Parkersburg, WV (close to us) and he has finally begun to listen, adjusting her meds to older ones like Comtan and Amantadine. She saw some improvement for a few weeks, but now is worse again. She also have other issues, but we feel they are reflective of her freezing often and lack of mobility. This all started when she had pain in her leg and thought it was her sciatic nerve. No one has treated her for that.

I found your website several months ago and read about low dose Naltrexone. Do you know the closest place/doctor to us that would work with this medicine? We are desperate to get her help. She is a “young” 73 years old and has been in wonderful health for years until this. Any and all information you can put us in contact with would be appreciated.




I will forward your question to Lexie who is one of the Pioneers of Recovery who used LDN to get relief from her own symptoms with wonderful results.

There will be an incredible resource available to you soon. The 2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit is being convened in Cincinnati, Ohio (your own state!) June 22 and 23, 2012. This would be a golden opportunity for you and your  mother to explore the many options that are helping people with Parkinsons recover.  More information about the Summit is at:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery



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