Is There Any Hope After the Medicines Stop Working?

My friend’s husband is 53 and has been living with Parkinsons for 12 years.  The medicine does not seem to work anymore. He now shakes the whole day where as before it was only once the medicine wore of.  

Is there any treatment that he can go for that will help him to live a normal life again?

Have you had any feedback on stem cell replacement therapy?




You just happened to send in your question at the perfect time for a full and complete response. Yes – there are many, many therapeutic possibilities that your friend’s husband could find that would be helpful now that the medicines are have stopped working.

Most people are familiar with the approach used in the specialty of western medicine. Help offered by prescription medicines has been useful to your friend’s husband for over a decade, but is now no longer working for him. He can celebrate the many years of relief he obtained from the medicines he has taken thanks to western medicine. Some people discover that the prescription medicines are only helpful for 2-3 years at best.

Now what? The good news is that the treatments offered by western medicine in the form of medicines and surgeries are only one among dozens of other treatment options and approaches. Recovery really hinges on broadening the perspective on recovery options and being willing to consider other treatment modalities.

Western medicine has been in existence for about 100 years. Many of the other specialties that offer profound relief to persons with Parkinson’s have been around for thousands of years and and proved true to the test of time.

You are likely wondering why the timing if your question is so perfect? I just released the new edition of Pioneers of Recovery which reports to stories of 11 amazing individuals who reversed their own symptoms.

I posted clips on the Pioneers of Recovery website from my radio shows of the 11 pioneers. You might suggest to your friend that she encourage her husband to listen to all 11 clips.  Pioneers are inspiring thousands of people to hop onto the road to recovery.

Visit the following website to hear the clips that will inspire anyone who currently experiences the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

Yes, stem cell therapy is one among many other options. I have posted a video here on the blog by Dr. Blanca Ramirez, Ph.D. who has had success using this therapy for people with Parkinson’s. Click on the “stem cell implants” category to the right of the page to bring up the video of her discussing stem cell therapy as an option. The video was posted on April 11, 2011.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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