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I really enjoyed the Psychic Healing radio broadcast with Lenore. In listening to the dialogue between you two, ( during your “healing”), I could sense a warm flow of glowing healing energy, going back and forth between you, through you. Yes, I am serious.  Conversation was kindled by kindness and respect and a sense of fun. I guess one might call it good karma.

I particularly liked some comments that I think Lenore made about ownership of change. She alluded to the fact, that while she is able to counsel or direct a person in certain areas of  life and make suggestions of change, that it really is the  individual’s  call. The individual has to  want to make that change.  Ideas about  the universe being  open and ready for us were interesting. And, that sometimes when we stew over a decision that it is often right there in front of us, we just need to recognize it.

It would seem then, that it is ok if we make a  change that does not “pan out,”  just to feel free to keep slugging away, keep trying. After a bit of trial and error we are bound to get something right? Ha.

Anyway thanks to Lenore and yourself Robert, the broadcast did help me so much. I too, have grown to know, that with Parkinsons Disease symptoms being so different  from one individual to another, that we need to look at our own case scenario and go from there, looking at the changes that we can make for ourselves that will improve our condition.

And that leads me into my question today. Have you heard of Low Level Light Laser Therapy for Parkinson’s?  I am interested in hearing if any of your followers have used  it?

Keep up your wonderful work! ( But take some time for you too. Psychic Lenore’s orders.)



Your kind words warm my heart. Thanks for writing in.

I have not received comments from anyone who has used Light Laser Therapy. I have personally experienced light therapy which is very powerful. Light therapy exposes you to the healing effects of the frequencies associated with different colors. Through such exposure, the various frequencies are strengthened and supported.

I have no personal experience with laser light therapy though I understand it is used for pain, acne, hair loss and other conditions.

In a recent research article by Patricia A. Trimmer, Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and her coauthors reported promising results from using Laser Light Therapy to rejuvenate mitochondrial activity which is the source of energy in our cells for persons with Parkinson’s.

The mitochondria in PD tissues are “metabolically and functionally compromised.” Any treatment that nourishes the mitochondria will help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

This study exposed neuronal cells to near-infrared laser light to determine whether the velocity of mitochondrial movement can be restored by low level light therapy (LLLT) .

The results of their study supported their hypothesis. A single treatment with low level light therapy did restore axonal transport. The authors conclude that LLLT may be used as a novel treatment to improve neuronal function in patients with Parkinsons Disease. Of course, the exciting news is that laser light therapy is also safe and noninvasive to use.

Anyone with experience with laser light therapy is warmly invited to write in and tell us all about your experience. I will contact Dr. Trimmer for an interview. This therapy sounds promising.

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