Lyme Disease and Parkinsons Disease


Hi Robert,

Do you have any information on Lymes disease and Parkinsons? I was bitten by a tick in 1998 and diagnosed with Parkinsons 30 months later.

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Oh my goodness. This sounds like a huge clue regarding a probable cause of your symptoms. The symptoms of Lyme disease are very similar to those of Parkinson’s. Many people get mis-diagnosed with Parkinson’s when the true culprit is a Lyme infection.

The treatment for Lyme is a long term use of antibiotics. The challenge of the treatment is that antibiotics destroy the immune system and the digestive system which cause other problems of their own.

We know that the factors which cause neurological complications are multi-faceted. One root cause turns out to be bacterial infections. There is a particular bacterial infections which is extremely difficult to detect in tests called mycoplasma which are a bacteria that causes a neurological disaster in the body. From my recent research, it appears many people have this bacteria and do not even know it (because it is so difficult to detect).

Let us all know the outcome of your investigation into Lyme disease as a possible cause of your symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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