EMFs: Most Significant Health Threat of the Century

Most Significant Health Threat of the Century 

What is it? The most significant health threat is exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from smart phone and cell phone usage. Being attached to the hip so to speak with your phone can cause horrendous health problems. How do I know this?

  • From research studies that report scary findings (cancers, brain tumors, learning disabilities, increasing dementia, hearing loss. etc.).
  • From health departments in various countries and states that have issued warnings about the dangers of EMF exposure.

People who already have challenges associated with neurological issues need to take these warning seriously. (EMFs) can further exacerbate the symptoms of brain disorders.  This is not a little deal. It is a big deal.

Sadly, over the coming years we will all witness a surge of horrible illnesses from EMF exposure. This insight into the future is not inspired by a soothsayer, fortune teller or flimsy guesswork. It is a logical conclusion from what the research has been finding. This is scary stuff folks.

The solution does not require that you throw your phone away. Rather, it is about using your phone in ways that cause the least exposure. Here are some tips. Act on them today to prevent serious problems tomorrow. Your brain will thank you.

  1. Turn your Wi-Fi off at night.
  2. Keep your phone on airplane mode as much as possible.
  3. Keep your phone off your body when not using it.
  4. Stay away from Bluetooth devices.
  5. Opt for wired headphones.
  6. Do not sleep with your phone!

For other suggestions, listen to the replay of my radio show interview with Lloyd Burrell……

Are EMF Exposures in Your Environment Contributing to Your Condition?

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