Problem Walking?


My Parkinson has been hovering for months now.  I have rather rapidly had to have help walking.    So now my devoted wife Liz has to get me started by the old Army method “hut one hut two.”
I do have an appointment Feb. 19 with my neurologist.  He has had the medicines I’ve been taking gradually phased out. Then on Feb. 19 he will introduce my system to a new and different drug which has some notable success.

My problem is how do I stand (e.g. survive) till then?  Sinemet is what I have to rely on till then.  (A urologist has me on two drugs to confine urology problems.  So far this seems to be satisfactory)

I will appreciate your suggested road to nirvana.  My wonderful wife is 81 years old and in July I will catch her.

I have several suggestions for you to consider, though I am not absolutely clear what symptom precisely you want help with. I understand walking is a problem, so let me focus on that symptom.
Suggestion Set One:
Do you have a tennis ball or a rubber ball of any type? When you walk, bounce the ball just like you did when you were a boy, Bounce the ball on the ground as you walk. If that doesn’t help – throw it into the air as you walk. 

There is also a plastic ball which you find at fairs which has a rubbery string or chain that is attached to the ball itself. You put the rubbery string around your hand and throw the ball toward the ground as you walk (though the ball does not touch the ground). It is great fun – and it helps mobility greatly. (This brilliant suggestions is inspired by Hans from Holland.) Instead of walking with a cane or walker (where people perceive there is an old person attempting to walk) you are bouncing a ball like a child (so people perceive a youthful energy – and so do you!). 


Play music while you walk and your mobility will improve. Listen with an ipod. Your wife is helping you with the music of her marching orders, but she can’t sing every step you walk (unless she has tireless vocal cords). Listening to music while you walk is also a great help, especially music that has a beat to it. 
Suggestion Set Two:
Nitendo Wii. Ever heard of it? Young people know about it. You play games like tennis which require you to exercise your balance. Buy a wii game and try it out. You can always purchase it on a 30 day warranty so if it doesn’t work for you, just return it. Play a game (whatever you are called to play) every day, Have fun. Watch your mobility improve. 
Suggestion Set Three:
Natural herbs can be a huge benefit for the problem you describe. I will be posting an interview with a herbalist next week (Andrew Bentley) which you should find intriguing. Andrew discusses various natural herbs which are very helpful for the problem you describe. He gets great results helping peopkle with parkinsons using herbs I have never heard about before. Membership costs a token $1 for the first 30 days. Check out the interview to be posted next week. The signup page is:
Hopefully, three times is a charm and one of these ideas will be a winner for you,
All the best,
Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery 
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