Problems with Crowns on Teeth

Many people have concerns over the possibility metal crowns might be a factor that is contributing to their symptoms. To explore this possibility,  I interviewed Simon King, a chiropractor from a town just north of London, England. During my interview with Simon (which is posted on this blog April 1st, 2009 – which is no joke) I discovered that one of my metal crowns appeared to be interrupting the signals that are continuously being exchanged between my brain and my muscles. Simon explained that this problem would lead to serious health challenges for me down the line.

I decided to replace the metal crown. My dentist  completed replacement of my problematic metal crown with a non-metal crown. The new crown is called a lava crown which is a type of hand pressed glass material. It is  very durable and non toxic.

It has now been four weeks since the replacement. Before I had problems swallowing pills. That challenge has eased considerably.  I have no more sore throats or sore gums. I have more energy. I hear more clearly. It doesn’t hurt now to chew food. All in all I would say it was a good decision to replace the metal crown.   

If you have an intuition that metal in your mouth might be causing some of your symptoms, I invite you to listen to my interview with Simon which is an entry posted here on 

If you are motivated to exlore this option further, you can check out a listing of 147 holistic dentists (primarily in the US) who are have special training in the replacement of metal fillings or crowns with non-metalic material.  This particular group of dentists call themselves holistic dentists.  They are concerned about the potential health problems that metal crowns might be causing for people. 

Do we know for sure whether metal in your mouth can cause the symptoms of parkinson’s. There is no definitive research on the matter. Speaking intuitively, my body feels stronger, lighter and healthier now that the metal has been removed from my mouth.

If you have any personal experience with getting metal removed from your teeth, please comment! Some people with the symptoms of Parkinsons tell me that they experience little difference after getting the metal removed. Other people tell me they notice a huge  improvement.

If there is an ounce of a chance it might help, the issue surely merits further investigation. If you have had any personal experience with metal crowns or fillings, please comment!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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