Questions about Exercise and Parkinson’s Medications

Two Questions from Anne:

Is it better to exercise when ‘on’ or when ‘off?’ I am wondering about body’s capacity to remember movements, cadences etc.


I have not seen any studies that have examined the differences of exercise when the medication is fully functional (the “on” state) and when the medication has worn off and symptoms are more evident (the “off” state).

I can report that many people tell me when their symptoms are bothersome (whether they take medication or not), exercise makes a huge difference in alleviating them.

Stress is highly correlated with symptoms. When stressed, symptoms will be worse. Exercise plays a huge role in releasing stress that is carried in the body. So, when symptoms are bothersome, try exercising and see what happens.

The more often you exercise the better you will feel. People tell me that it is far more effective in helping them get sustained relief from symptoms that virtually most of the medications they have tried.

Think of exercise as a medicine. The best part is that it is free and can be fun as well.

Are instructions for using aquas anywhere on the web site?


Aquas were designed to be a homeopathic remedy for dehydration. They are recommended by John Coleman, ND, who recovered from parkinsons. You will find an explanation about the Aquas and instructions for their use at

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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