Reflexology and Parkinson’s Disease

A Letter from Neita:

Just started reading all your positive newsletters. Been diagnosed nearly a year, having tremors for 4 or 5 years in my hands. Had been exercising in a gym on treadmill and weight machines for 15 years and taking lots of more than minimum daily requirement vitamins.

I am 72, female, a good bit overweight but found myself slowing down. In November I had a big operation, went home and had to go back to hospital with infection coming from all my stitches in 3 days. Hospital and doctors had given me the big infection in my innards. Had a really hard time for 4 months.

Then, my psychiatrist, who had me on an antiphyscotic meds and was backing me off them because we thought it was causing the tremors, decided it wasn’t the meds so sent me to a neurologist when I had not exercised for 4 months and was still weak and just barely starting exercise again. So, the Parkinsons showed itself. Dr. said I do not blink my eyes as much as a NORMAL person, or have as  much facial expression as a NORMAL person. Oh My God, I am not normal anymore, how can I live??Joke,joke! Started taking Azilect right away.  Really don’t have any idea how well that is helping as of a month or 2 later.

I heard of a reflexologist in my neighborhood, who had learned it well to help his MS wife 15 years ago.  His first treatment was 2 hours.  With my first treatment, he gave me my life back.  My joints opened up like someone unscrewed them. I could really move my legs again on the treadmill.  Also, I got my personality back and could laugh and some things were funny now. I could think faster and to make matters not so good, my mouth started running again non-stop and I was awake when I got up in the morning first thing. I had come alive again.

Reflexology does a lympth drain and works on all the endrocrine glands. I did not know what all that meant until I had a lot of people coming to my home last month and I snapped that I had no DREAD about all I had to do so I snapped that reflexology, in giving me my life back, had dumped DEPRESSION, which I had not realized I had, probably because of all my exercise and it was lowgrade.

I have also found 3 really good hypnosis cd’s  that make me feel great after the wonderful deep relaxation  for the mind and muscles, and spine and nerves and having the juices flow in the proper amounts from all the right glands.  My chiropractor has a new machine called the Pro Adjuster which does great work, not like him just bending your body all around, which never worked for my back for years. I go there twice a month, all Medicare will allow, but maybe can get one more since the Parkinsons diagnosis.

I go to the reflexologist every 3 weeks, because I found out that if I wait 4 weeks, the tremors start a little bit again. Of course, I know that they will act up anyway if I get upset or excited!  I have already bought a few books about the first year, and optimal wellness, which with all the vitamin info and saying what exercise will do for PD, I realized why it did not show itself sooner for me.   Years ago, before lots of meds and info, my little Grandmother had Pd really bad.  My dr says with me starting it so late in years, I won’t ever be as bad as she was.

Dr. also warned me about all those places on the internet who want you to buy stuff.  Well, I may not buy all your stuff,unless you have a good hypnosis cd to fight PD, but I love positive information to help.  I do not want info about herbs because it will not be good for  a chemical imbalance in the brain and I could have more bad  episodes now that I am off the drugs. Hopefully , that part of my brain has healed itself as I am doing great in that area. Thank God, now that I have something else big to deal with. Also, thank God, that I am a Pollyana and look for the good. Not in denial, but don’t want to borrow trouble before it comes either.

Thanks for reading this.  I am still 72 going on 55, as most people never guess anywhere close to my age.  My spine is still straight with wonderful posture and I have almost no wrinkles for an old lady (another joke, as I don’t feel it).  And I am married to a young thing. He is all of 69, so that has been my joke for 22 years.  Thanks again.


7 thoughts on “Reflexology and Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Wonderful — I am studying reflexology and had the opportunity in clinic to practice on a lady who is suffering Parkinsons and was amazed as she was shaking so bad arms and legs and it was the first time it stopped in 3 years – I believe it is amazing and that you are wonderful to post this so others will try it — thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would like to help to perform reflexology on my sister to help her recover from parkinson. Van give me directions ?

  3. Yes Reflexology is wonderful Had a client tonight worked on her hands and feet and she thanked me for the relief for a while. God i wish i could have helped her more. so young…..

  4. Hi my husband has Parkinson disease he has diagnose for 3 years now, but he is not a positive person I think he is suffering from depression as well. he is gambling a lot. And he sleep as he can the whole day. I have done several course of Shiatsu and now I’m studying reflexology. So please help me out on this or give me a hint how to treat my husband.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Maria:

    There is no one simple solution – but many options can be considered. You will find them documented here on the blog, on Parkinsons Recovery Radio and through the many services I offer through Parkinsons Recovery. Some of the symptoms you describe might be due to the side effects of whatever medications he is taking. You might discuss this possibility with his doctor.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  6. Can you please direct me on how to massage the gv meridian areas on my husband’s back to calm raging tremors that happen at night,

  7. Hi:

    I suggest you listen to the radio show interview posted here on the blog with Warren Kramer. He suggested a garlic rub for the spine that might prove promising for your husband.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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