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I am wondering about how to deal with slow movement. I never hear this question addressed. Are there any ways to overcome this? It is my worst symptom. People tell me I move very gingerly.

Thank you for your help.



The big picture is the reprogram your neural networks. It appears that your movements are being controlled by neural pathways that are a bit rusty.

There is no reason for panic! The brain has an incredible capacity to reconfigure pathways. You just have to begin moving a bit differently to configure the new pathways which will make walking easier and require less effort on your part.

First, I suggest that you listen to my interview with Professional Dancer Pamela Quinn from New York City. Pamela offers a number of suggestions you should find helpful. You can find her program from last week by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Network page below:

Second, I suggest that you add a little music (with a nice hefty beat) when you walk. Use an MP3 player or IPOD  or something portable. Find some music you like to listen to which has a marching type of beat. Music with a strong beat does wonders for movements that are slow and cumbersome. Michael Jackson recorded some great songs with incredible beats you can dance to.

Third, there are a number of brain challenge exercises and programs which provide great ways to forge new  neural pathways. You might try out a few. They always have free ones to try out on the websites. I posted information on one such program on this blog September 30th from Posit Science which is backed by sound research.

Fourth, inside of thinking of walking from point A to point B, think to yourself that you will dance from Point A to Point B. You may be surprised by the difference created by the different in thought forms.

Let us know what turns out to help!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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