Riding Scooters, Bouncing Balls and Using Nordic Walking Sticks

Dear Robert

Last spring I was in the hospital for my half-year visit to my neurologist. In one of the corridors I nearly had a collision with a white-dressed woman who was riding on a scooter. (We call it a step.)

After I stepped aside (she did not even apologize) I had a flash of insight: That’s a good way to move along l halls and long corridors of the train stations and the schools where I work.

I contacted a surf shop nearby and they showed me all kinds of scooters (even with a motor on it) and for my 60th birthday I received a beautiful scooter. I am very happy with it and I use him to do some shopping. I go to the railway station by bus and I take the scooter on my back and I use it on the platforms.

Every Tuesday when my wife and I look after my grandson, we go together on the scooter to the public library. Even when I have an unexpected off-period and it’s difficult for me to walk I can use the scooter.

After bouncing the ball, kicking the football …

and walking with Nordic-walking sticks …

It’s for me a good way to move along.

And tomorrow I am going to my weekly Salsa-lesson in a restaurant near the beach. And I’m going by scooter!!

Hans de Rijke

The Hague


1 thought on “Riding Scooters, Bouncing Balls and Using Nordic Walking Sticks

  1. I’d be interested to know what make/model of electric scooter was used. It might also suit my husband who has a problem with one leg getting too tired when walking, then the knee/hip and back starts aching…so mainly muscle weakness we suppose. We’ve just been on a touring holiday (for Parkinsons sufferers) and the walking has worn him out beyond belief.

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