Self Discipline and Will Power

Robert you are doing fantastic work: You’ve given me hope through your weekly radio programme, for recovery which I’ve never had before. It’s now six years since I was diagnosed, and I’m as young as you are; and I still more or less succeed in running my own medical equipment manufacturing company. However although I am looked after by one of London’s most eminent Neurologists, he has never given me the slightest suggestion that the symptoms can be over come with proper self discipline and determination….

But you have opened my eyes and by your enthusiasm, your profound study of the subject matter, you have transformed my attitude single handed. You are true hero, and I salute your efforts with  all my heart.

I have a young first family with a three children of 8,10 and 12 and I have every thing to live for. But it is you that has transformed my attitude to life with Parkinson’s. Now I can see that its possible for me look forward to ten years time when I now still expect to be able to go skiing with my children, rather than dreading as before that they would not want to be seen with their then doddery Dad. You’ve shown me the light and the hope, and with that I can fight like hell to make sure my children are not robbed of their entitlement in a father.

Robert, I thank you for everything you are doing. May you have the strength to continue for a thousand years. Your great.

Robert W (London)

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